Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday pales in comparison...


oh and some guy messed up on Valium pulled his dick out in the waiting room, and showed it to everyone, i was in line after that guy... (no pics)

In other news...
I have amazing friends, and im off the road...
This are looking up

Tuesday Pt.3

Great party idea

This is the part of the story, where the 3 rabbits devise a plan to kill the farmer, and drink his blood

Big trouble in little Spadina


UV rays are no laughing matter

Pizza was consumed, and shit was spoken...

After our little pizza party i decided to ride over to TO TRACK TRICK TUESDAYS!!!
The usual suspects were there, turning tricks in the Bellwoods hockey arena... Mosher was there...

Blayne was there...

Briggs too!

Oh and one more thing...


Tuesday Pt.2

The saga continues...

Amy D


Seeing double



Shim Shady

Robyn Banks

Brian "The fastest man on a Dutch bike..."- Sports Illustrated

A Kensington couple

After work was over, and the last call had been dropped and POD'd
I met up with my good friend and ex-courier Manrina, i mean Marnia, i mean Marina
and it wasn't even Wednesday...
We decided to stroll amongst the trash strewn streets of China town

"Stop taking pictures of me you CREEP!"

A taste of what lies in store...

Carpal tunnel never felt so good.

After taking this picture we were quickly prompted to leave...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Today was a good day..."

Tuesday had the makings of being a repeat of Monday, a late start, an unorganized departure, and an angry dispatcher. Today was my first full day with the new digi cam, so i sure as heck didnt want to document bullshit and aggrevation. My morning was a write off, my first 2 calls got botched, and with disaster looming, i prepared for a shit show. Until...

Briggs showed up and hilarity ensued.

The video i wanted to post didnt work
ill try again later

Well deserved...

Morning turned to after/noon and the day was running smoothly, tons of photo ops!





My bread and butter

A great kid (Andrew)

Punky (Laura)

Leah and Mel
Let it rain in Spain/Toronto, but PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

Umm, whats her face?....

oh yeah Maija. jk <3

Fast dude, sorry i forgot your name

Turn around Crew

Q Crew

Andrew Q

Sunny D


Monday: Some call it home, others' hell, but we all call it Toronto

wow, what a horrid day, rather than give you the gory details ill spare you, as well as myself, and not have you/me try to imagine what took place. Ill keep it short and sweet, well as sweet as getting tossed off you bike can get.

-I woke up late and got yelled at by my dispatch
-I forgot to give Nigel his chain ring he paid for last week
-I hit a pot hole, and slowly proceeded to be thrown from my bike, much to the amusement of tourists/905ers, and shitty torontonians crossing at Queen and University

-I went to the wrong 1122 Dundas, I went west when it was supposed to be east
-I got crapped on by a bird, and didnt realize it until after work
-oh and wheni fell due to that pothole, both the bike and my lock hit me in the head

so yeah not the best of times thats for sure.

anyways i did get a new digi cam, went for roti with my cuz, and went to Honest Eds
things are looking up.


Fear itself

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cant sleep, Wont sleep

No sleep, not tonight


Sunday, July 26, 2009

The end begins

I leave For Japan in just about a week, sleepless nights, second thoughts, anxiety, and the dread of hidden costs come hand in hand with the preparation for my departure. so this is what i still need to do before August 5th(in no particular order):

1 pack
2 buy new shoes
3 get my frame
4 sell my Level wheel and or my Front mavic Ksyrium
5 get a camera
6 spend time with friends
7 flatland
8 decide what bag im bringing
9 box bike/s
10 clean house

well, you get the idea
the list goes on
positive thinking, organization, a frame, and a good bike box, all things that i currently don't have, will hopefully come swiftly...

In the mean time watch this, it always helps me relax/ get distracted.

Oldie but a goodie


Ok this is fanatastic, who knew there would be an icon on the "new post" dashboard that actually posts the pictures for you!
Now that the visual hurdle has been cleared, the sky's the limit.

I DID IT!!!!

There is much work to be done...