Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winter's last stand...

Almost 24 hours ago I was enjoying a pleasant evening/night outside riding bmx with some dear friends, clad merely in a hood and flannel. 24 hours prior to that, i was enjoying 10 degree weather scantily clad in only a hood. fast forward 36 hours to....


Yes spring time in Canada!

Waking up to a fresh blanket of bullshit, i realized all one could do was grin and bare it, to add insult to serious injury (for real, i wiped out at least 5 times today), the Ford regime's budget cuts included the portion allotted for plowing the city streets. With no plows or salt in sight, all one could possibly do was to keep calm and cycle on. Too all you year round cyclists, Kudos, you have my utmost respect. For you fair weathers, i ask, where have all the fixies gone? To my fellow messengers, i'll see you tomorrow.

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